When athletes suffer a sports injury, their first instinct is usually to shake it off and get back into the game. Athletes are admired for their ability to tolerate some rough and tumble activity. But the one thing every athlete needs to know is that for every sports injury, chiropractic care is essential. Here are three things our sports injury chiropractor at Health on Earth Wellness Center LLC in Alsip, IL wants you to know about chiropractic care after you have been hurt while performing your sport.

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You Won’t Necessarily Know You Need a Sports Injury Chiropractor at First

Sports injuries don’t necessarily cause any serious symptoms when they occur. You may feel a little pain, but your adrenaline levels are high so you keep on playing. Problems caused by sports injuries may not show up for days, weeks, or even months.

The reason for this is that sports injuries cause tiny, microscopic tears in muscles. It takes your immune system time to find these damaged tissues to remove them with inflammation. That’s when chronic pain starts.

When muscles swell, they can pull at the vertebrae in your spine. A spine is out of its natural alignment often causes pinched nerves. In this way, a small injury can grow into something chronically painful.

Your Sports Injury Chiropractor Is Focused on Bringing You Back to Normal

Many of our patients have tried other things before they come in to see us. You may find short-term relief for pain from medication, but the problem with prescription painkillers is that their effectiveness lessens over time. Over the counter painkillers can actually make injuries worse.

Our sports injury chiropractor finds the cause of your pain, and corrects it. Pain relief naturally follows as your injuries finally begin to heal.

Our Sports Injury Chiropractor Has Many Ways to Relieve Pain without Drugs

Our sports injury chiropractor is an expert at spinal manipulation to start your healing process, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain in the meantime. Your sports injury chiropractor has many methods of relieving pain without medication in the office and pain relief methods you can use at home.