Chronic pain, injuries, or illnesses can become frustrating and debilitating. It is often hard to find an effective treatment for these chronic conditions. Acupuncture and cupping therapy are alternative methods of treating pain that are natural and safe. At Health on Earth Wellness Center LLC in Alsip, IL, our specialists provide acupuncture and cupping to treat a range of conditions.

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How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture consists of inserting extremely thin needles into the skin at strategic spots along the body. It’s a major component of traditional Chinese medicine and is said to balance the flow of energy or life force (chi) of a person. This is a common method that is used to treat pain, reduce stress, and help patients achieve general wellness. Although traditional acupuncture focuses on energy, modern acupuncture has been found to treat other aspects of the body as well. The needles inserted in the body stimulate the nerves, connective tissue, and muscles in the patient’s body. This improves blood flow and reduces inflammation to alleviate pain and promote healing in the body. Acupuncture is a natural, pain-free way of alleviating pain from conditions like muscle soreness, headaches, joint pain, and more.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is another form of alternative medicine. It involves placing special cups onto the patient’s skin in order to produce suction. The cups stay on for a few minutes, which can improve a person’s blood flow, levels of inflammation, relaxation, and help reduce their pain. Cupping serves as a form of deep-tissue massage therapy.

Though traditionally fire and flammable material was used to create the vacuum for suction with these cups, now it’s often done with the use of a rubber pump. When the suction occurs, the skin rises and blood vessels expand. This can help with migraines, blood disorders such as anemia, varicose veins, anxiety, depression, acne, high blood pressure, and other conditions and disorders. After cupping, you may have red circles on your body where the cups were placed. These are normal and will disappear after several days.